What is an Implant

There are numerous causes of missing teeth, these can be from decay, gum disease also known as periodontitis or from trauma or another number of reasons such as hereditary absence etc. Nowadays missing teeth are replaceable by a number of means and your dentist at Always Smiles Dental, located in the Fairfield/ Liverpool area is happy to discuss these options with you.

An implant is one such option for replacing missing teeth

Losing a tooth has many consequences; it can affect your smile, as well as affecting the way you eat and function. Another consequence of missing teeth is that adjacent teeth start moving and invading the space left behind from the missing teeth which can ultimately cause a crooked and asymmetric smile.

Speech impediments, and difficulty in pronunciating words is also another consequence of missing teeth all of which can affect a patients self esteem as well as their quality of life.

Dental implants will improve overall appearance but needs to be done as soon as possible after an extraction to prevent movement of the adjacent teeth as well as loss of bone in the area due to absence of the teeth.

A dental implant is basically a screw that is placed in the bone of the mouth. Once healed, an abutment (post) is seated and then a crown (cap) is fabricated on top. Implants are a dramatic dental improvement for patients and the dentists at Always Smiles Dental Surgery, Canley Heights are more than happy to help you regain your normal look and function.