What is Gum Disease

Gum Disease also known as periodontal disease or periodontitis has been associated to many medical disorders. The accumulation of plaque and bacteria around your teeth causes irritation to both the gums and surrounding structures.

If left there for a period of time the plaque hardens into calculus or tartar, that cannot be removed by brushing alone and needs to be professionally removed. This is what the team at Always Smiles Dental in Canley Heights do best.

If left untreated, and the calculus and bacteria is not removed by your dentist it will result in gum recession (shrinkage) and eventually bone loss around the teeth.

Your teeth are anchored by bone and gum, so with this loss there is less and less bone and gum to hold the tooth. And the sad thing is once gum disease has started, your gums and bones can never completely heal and be as it was before and at later stages the disease becomes harder and more expensive to treat.

Most patients will notice several symptoms, as the gums shrink your teeth will look longer but at the same time will be more sensitive to hot and cold.

Also because of the infection in the area most patients will also notice bad breath. And over a longer period of time when there is no bone holding the tooth in place anymore the teeth get wobbly and there is not much that can be done but to have the tooth removed.

That is why it is wise to have regular dental appointments and cleans at Always Smiles Dental Surgery near Cabramatta, this is because we will remove the tartar and bacteria before the onset of gum disease.