Oral Surgery

In some cases where there is so much decay or the tooth is no longer repairable or is just no longer held in place by the surrounding gum and bones, you may require a tooth to be extracted.

The friendly, gentle dentists at Always Smiles Dental Surgery located within the Liverpool, Cabramatta and Fairfield area will ensure that first, this is the only option left for the tooth, we hate for you to lose a tooth so we will go through any other options you may have to save the tooth, but if this is the only option left we will make sure the experience is a painless, stress free one.

We also do Wisdom teeth extraction and will take the time to work out whether you actually need to have your wisdom teeth removed and if so we will take the time to explain to you what is involved, and finally ensure that the tooth is removed as gently and carefully as possible to ensure you a painfree extraction and greatest chance of healing in the shortest time possible.