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Dental Examinations by Always Smiles Canley Heights Dental Care

Statistically speaking there is a perception that dental care is an extravagance and many people postpone visiting the dentist regularly. Regular dental examination should be considered as you would any medical checkups. Your own general health is closely linked with your oral health. Gum disease is known to be linked to diabetes, heart problems as well as a number of other health problems. And decay can cause further health problems or even exacerbate existing medical conditions.

It is recommended that everyone should have a dental checkup at least once every six months, this allows the friendly and gentle dentist at Always Smiles Dental Surgery who service the Fairfield and Liverpool area to pick up problems before they get too bad and ultimately can affect your health as well as your smile

We regularly service our cars to ensure that it runs smoothly and preventing it from breaking down, regular dental visits with the team at Always Smiles Dental Surgery are in very much the same way important to ensure you keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. You need to monitor the health of your teeth and the longer that these problems stay untreated in a patients mouth perhaps the more expensive, involved and serious they become.

A standard examination for adults involves checking all the areas of the mouth and head which includes the teeth, gums as well as the soft tissue around the mouth and face as well as tongue and the cheeks and floor of the mouth and palate.

The friendly, gentle dentists at Always Smiles Dental Surgery in the Cabramatta area also do a comprehensive examination recording things such as decay, infection, gum disease, broken teeth or fillings, enamel erosion, tooth wear as well as bite issues etc and will patiently inform the patient of all findings at the end of the examination.

The dentist at Always Smiles Dental Surgery will than work with the patient to decide on a treatment plan to address the issues that they find.


A complete set of X-rays is mandatory for a full and thorough examination. And because at Always Smiles Dental Surgery in Canley Heights we have the latest in X-ray technology we are able to do a full scan of the patient’s mouth using the very smallest amount of radiation compared to older methods. This allows the dentist to see things that are not easily evident in the mouth such as underneath fillings or between teeth or in the bone underneath the gums.

Also at our modern dental surgery located in the Fairfield area we have the latest in dental imaging that allows us to see and show you things that the normal eye would find hard to pickup.

Generally at this appointment a professional dental clean is done by the friendly, gentle dentists at Always Smiles Dental Surgery to remove plaque and tartar buildup which can cause decay and gum disease if not removed.

Finally after the clean the dentist will put fluoride on the teeth, this will help to strengthen the teeth as well as repair any areas of early decay.

Dental exams/dental checkups are basically the same for kids and teenagers. Once your child is old enough, your dentist may also show your child how to brush and how to floss properly as part of the exam. This is a great way to reinforce that dental care and oral hygiene are an integral part of your child’s life.

Good brushing and flossing is important in ensuring good dental health but this is not enough to warrant missing regular dental exams and cleans as your dentist is not only about looking for decay as sometimes other medical problems can manifest in the mouth that aren’t as easily noticed by the patient, things such as oral cancers, teeth grinding or wear or even cracks and breaks in fillings and teeth that if picked up early can limit the damage and costs both financially and health wise down the track.

Private health insurance offers many benefits regarding dental treatment. Standard coverage usually includes preventive care which covers regular dental exams and cleans as well as X-rays and basic restorative treatments like a tooth filling.

Here at Always Smiles Dental Surgery located in Canley Heights help is available to all patients, no matter if your last visit was six months or six years.

Dental Cleaning
Dental Cleaning prophylaxis
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prophylaxis Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning Always Smiles Canley Heights Dental Care

Most of us know that in order to maintain total health, good oral health is essential. There is an increasing amount of literature and scientific research showing the link between oral and overall health. With the evidence mounting, dental cleans are probably on your mind. Here are some facts about dental cleans.

Dentists recommend professional cleaning or prophylaxis, every six months.

The term dental prophylaxis means the “removal of dental plaque, dental calculus, and stains from the exposed and unexposed surfaces of the teeth by scaling and polishing as a preventive measure for the control of local irritants.”

Dependent on the timeframe of your first appointment with us at Always Smiles Dental Surgery in Canley Vale, Fairfield, a full examination is usually carried out first, and if the reason for your visit is due to dental decay, this will be corrected by your friendly, gentle dentist, however a dental treatment plan should be devised and will be discussed and implemented for future visits.

In this examination irregularities from the normal anatomy of your mouth can be detected as well as visually checking the soft tissues of your mouth for oral cancer or disease as well.

You may have in the past experienced the dentist scraping away at your teeth. This is called dental scaling and if done on the root of the tooth is called root planing, and it’s necessary for most patients to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Previously scaling was done by hand to remove particles was missed by your toothbrush and had hardened to a cement like state which could not be removed by brushing alone and hence the need to see the team at Always Smiles Dental Surgery located near Cabramatta.

Our modern, new surgery located in the city of Fairfield have ultrasonic dental cleaning, this new technology is designed to remove more dental tartar in less time, with no metal scraping.

An ultrasonic scaler distributes ultrasonic vibrations that blast dental tartar or calculus from your teeth.

Water is used to remove the debris and keep the scaler from overheating.

You might be interested in an ultrasonic cleaning if:

Always smiles ultrasnoic dental cleaning
  • You have a large buildup of dental tartar. Over time, the bacteria and dental plaque in your mouth form hard deposits of tartar also known as calculus, this can leading to tooth decay or gum disease if left untreated. Only a dentist or dental hygienist can remove calculus from your teeth as no matter how hard a patient brushes their teeth they will not be able to remove this.


  • You have periodontal disease. Ultrasonic dental cleaning will remove calculus near your gum line as plaque builds up and forms pockets of calculus attacking adjoining gum and bone tissue. Gum disease is apparent and eventually leads to tooth loss. Scaling will treat periodontal disease performed with an ultrasonic dental cleaning system.
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Ultrasonic dental cleaning offers both the dentist and patient several benefits:

  • Using state-of-the-art ultrasonic dental cleaning equipment reduces time and removes more dental calculus at once meaning less time spent in the dental surgery for the patient.
  • The procedure is often effective in limiting the progression of the early stages of gum disease.
  • Scaling isn’t painful; undertaken without local anesthesia or sedation dentistry. If you do experience sensitivity, your dentist can provide options to make you more comfortable.
  • Ultrasonic dental cleaning is so powerful it can reduce the appearance of tooth stains!

Ultrasonic cleaning scan be combined with hand scaling for optimal effects.

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