How To Floss

flossing for dental health

Flossing for dental health

professional teeth cleaning with dental floss dental office

The Optimal Method

Various types of floss are available. The maneuverability of the floss via the contact between your teeth can dictate your preferred brand.

If you experience limited dexterity, purchasing flossing aides that eliminate using both hands can help, speak to your friendly dentist at Always Smiles Dental Surgery in Canley Heights to help you pick the right floss for you.

Before brushing your teeth, measure an arms length of floss, approximately 40cm, and wind each end around your middle fingers. Grasp 2-3cm of the floss with your index (pointer) finger and thumb.

Carefully glide the floss between the teeth in a sawing motion. Take care not to snap the floss straight through the contact area as this may cause tissue damage near the tooth.

Angle the floss so it hugs the tooth in a “c” shape. Gently slide the floss up and down in a sawing motion along the surface of the tooth making sure it goes slightly below the gumline. When complete, angle the floss to hug the tooth in the opposite direction, and repeat this step. Continue flossing all of the upper and lower teeth.

Try working in a clockwise direction, beginning with your upper molars on your right side and then ending with your lower molars on your right side. As you move on to each set of teeth, unwind the floss from your fingers, and rewind it so there is a clean section of floss to use.

Flossing every night is important followed by brushing and rinsing with water.

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