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Dental Bleaching

Tooth whitening or dental bleaching is a procedure frequently requested within cosmetic dentistry. Primarily, this procedure removes stains or marks from the teeth, whilst enhancing our natural white color. Discoloration of teeth occurs predominantly with age; mineral composition, pollutants in the environment, bacterial pigments, food chemicals and carbonated drinks are major factors. Consuming tetracycline medication or tobacco smoke can also stain the teeth. This is very evident by the whiteness of children’s teeth compared to adults. To counteract the effect from discoloration, professional or patient home tooth whitening methods are options to consider.

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Home teeth whitening treatments under a dentist’s supervision is the most common way to whiten your teeth. Dentist’s supervision is recommended as teeth whitening is not for everyone, this is because of various issues relating to teeth and gum sensitivity. 

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Some stains will not whiten and if a filling, crown or veneer is present on the surface that needs to be whitened than these areas will not bleach either and can leave the patient with the unwanted result of non uniform whiteness and in some cases look worse than before the dental treatment. At Always Smiles Dental we make customised trays which are designed to fit the patients’ teeth and this is used in conjunction with a higher concentration of bleaching gel than those available at pharmacies and supermarkets, this will ensure results are seen faster and with no damage to gums and teeth. Patients need to be aware that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution as everyday stains such as smoking, red wine etc can once again restain their teeth, however the process can be repeated to rewhiten the patients teeth.

Who Can Benefit From Tooth Whitening

The dentist’s at Always Smiles Dental know that white teeth allows a person to feel confident and positive. A beautiful smile attracts attention and in today’s society cosmetic procedures are readily available and affordable. It is important to follow your dentist’s instructions and if properly administered and supervised there are very little side effects for the patient. 
A good candidate for teeth whitening would have certain forms of discoloration. And it is advised that younger children should avoid this altogether. If the patient has reasonably healthy teeth and gums then the procedure can be done.

However, there are a few exceptions where people who experience tooth sensitivity are not good candidates for this treatment as bleaching can increase this sensitivity. If excessive sensitivity does occur during the procedure then stop immediately and come back and see us at Always Smiles Dental.

Teeth whitening Results

Teeth whitening cannot be undertaken whilst the patient is wearing braces. Fillings, crowns or dental veneers that are visible upon smiling may mean that a patient is not suitable for this process. Comparative discoloration may occur as natural teeth will appear whiter than the fillings, crowns or veneers. Certain stains will not benefit from tooth whitening. Your dentist at Always Smiles Dental can advise whether or not a stain will whiten and if they feel that they are unable to bleach the teeth than they can advise the patient on alternate treatments such as veneers or crowns which will be more effective.

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